All Things New

One of the things I love about the Church calendar (not the one that says when all the committee meetings are, but the one that guides us through the Church seasons) is the way we get to start out our church year with joy and anticipation. Advent is a time of hope and love and joy and peace, and it comes together in the celebration of new life. It’s a time to reset, to refocus on what’s really important, and to re-form our hopes and dreams and priorities.

I think it’s a good thing to take this time of refocus. The world offers many opportunities for distraction. The world has a tendency to turn us inward toward ourselves, not in thoughtful and prayerful introspection but in selfishness and narcissism. Often the world drives us this way from
fear, and we must choose instead to be people of hope, people of love, people of joy, people of peace.

I invite you to consider the ways you may be distracted, and how it may be possible for you to reset your perspective and to refocus on the message and ministry of Jesus Christ. Look for ways that you might be transformed and for ways that you might work to transform the world, to move from a selfish inward focus to an outward loving focus. Look for ways to be the bright starlight heralding the coming of ultimate love. In this way, life begins anew and it’s something to celebrate!

As we come closer to the joy of the Christmas season, I wish for you a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas. Be filled with hope, love, joy, and peace; and may the grace of God fill you to overflowing so that you may bless and serve others as the light of Christ.

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